Miracle of Talking Birds

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Author: Harun Yahya


Do you not see that everyone in the heavens and Earth glorifies Allah, as do the birds with their outspread wings? Each one knows its prayer and glorification… (Quran, 24:41)

In this book, we've dealt with birds that can imitate sounds, only one group of God's wonderful creatures. We have examined the perfection of the mechanisms that enable them to imitate sounds they have heard, and even form simple sentences. Most humans, with their far superior intelligence, have difficulty in imitating other voices or speech while these little birds are able to imitate many sounds they have heard with perfection, showing how exceptionally skilled they are. Scientific research has concluded that this perfect mechanism in birds is a masterpiece of design. God's supreme knowledge and art, as shown in the magnificence of His creation, is too evident to be obscured by deceitful theories. Swans, peacocks, brightly colored parrots, budgerigars and an infinite variety of living creatures invalidate any claims of coincidence and demonstrate the infinite power of the Lord, our Creator.


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Genre Islam
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Publication Date 2010
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Language English
ISBN 10 8171015840
Misc Multi Colour Inside Pages!

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