Somalia: From Nation-State To Tribal Mutiny

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There is a mother called Somalia. She is emotional, weeping, bleeding; humiliated by her own sons. They gang-raped her, committing the crime of incest. Whenever she is sufficiently recovered from her ordeal to rise to collect food for her sons, they again gang-rape her. After this humiliation, she struggles up again, driven by the force of a mother’s tenderness. She tries to prepare food for them. They cannot wait because they are too impatient. They loot the food before it can be cooked. Their mother repeatedly suffers for their sake and begs them to teach themselves to be organized, disciplined and develop respect for humanity but they remain wedded to chaos and blundering. This is a mother who desperately needs to be rescued from her own sons’ monstrous deeds.

  • Publisher: Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd
  • Publish Year: 2002
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Pages: 151
  • Binding Type: HB
  • Author: Noor Ali Qabobe

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