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Peach glossy abaya - Glace lycra fabric

Abaya online - Peach abaya with sheen in glazed lycra fabricProduct detailsThis peach colored abaya ..

Rs 3,000 Rs 2,190 (27% Off)

Nida niqab- areal shape with hand embroidery work

Nida niqab online with embroidery work An elegant and exquisite selection of Nida Niqab in black ..

Rs 7,500 Rs 4,650 (38% Off)

Dubai Abaya- stylish embroidery work on front and sleeve

Dubai abaya online shopping in India- Front Open With embroidery work Product details ..

Rs 5,999 Rs 4,200 (29.99% Off)

Dubai Abaya- Kaftan

Black colored Dubai Abaya- Kaftan online Product details This Kaftan is made and designed in Dub..

Rs 3,699 Rs 2,590 (29.98% Off)

Flared nidha abaya- Grey colored

Full Flared abaya online shopping in India- Muslim dress | Burqa| Naqab Product details This party..

Rs 3,000 Rs 2,250 (25% Off)

Flared Abaya- Purple pleated

Flared abaya online- Purple colored pleated abaya made of Nida fabricPurple colored pleated flared a..

Rs 3,000 Rs 2,250 (25% Off)

Umbrella abaya- Black colored

Umbrella abaya-  Black colored | Stylist border | Crepe and Georgette fabric Product details ..

Rs 2,750 Rs 1,925 (30% Off)

Golden colored Abaya with  pearl buttons

Buy Golden colored abaya online in India with pearl buttons Product details Brilliantly gorgeous o..

Rs 2,500 Rs 1,700 (32% Off)

Party Wear Royal Blue Colored Front Open Denim Burqa

Burqa in Natural fabric and Royal blue Denim Color. Coat style Front Open burqa, abaya. a great coll..

Rs 3,700 Rs 2,575 (30.41% Off)

Nida Kaftan- Dark Pink colored hand Embroidery work

Nida Kaftan online in India with dark pink colored hand embroidery An elegant and exquisite selecti..

Rs 6,000 Rs 4,100 (31.67% Off)

Dubai abaya- Grey colored

Dubai abaya online shopping in India- Grey color Product details Made and designed in Dubai-ab..

Rs 6,999 Rs 4,900 (29.99% Off)

Dubai Abaya- Front Open Design

Dubai abaya online shopping in India- Brown-Black color Product details A beautiful Piece ..

Rs 5,999 Rs 4,200 (29.99% Off)

Flared Abaya- Navy Blue

Abaya online- Flared abaya with buttons on upper part Navy Blue colored simple flared abaya onlin..

Rs 5,000 Rs 2,500 (50% Off)

Flared abaya- Maroon color

Abaya online- Maroon colored flared abaya in Nida fabric Flared abaya in Maroon color made of Nid..

Rs 3,300 Rs 2,300 (30.3% Off)

Umbrella  Abaya - Black color with printed Border

Black colored umbrella Abaya/ Burqa online in India This Black color printed bordered umbrella ..

Rs 2,500 Rs 1,600 (36% Off)

Turkish design abaya with 3 line border

Abayas online shopping in india- Turkish Design Muslim dress with 3 line Border This black colore..

Rs 2,000 Rs 990 (50.5% Off)

Frock style abaya - Beige colored

Abaya online - Frock style abaya | Beige color | Lycra fabric Product details This frock style aba..

Rs 3,000 Rs 2,190 (27% Off)

Lace abaya - Black pleated in Georgette and Lycra

Lace Abaya online - Party wear black pleated burqa in Georgette and Crepe fabric Product details O..

Rs 3,400 Rs 2,550 (25% Off)

Nida Burqa-Front open abaya

Online nida burqa with chiffon and one line rainbow diamond An elegant and exquisite selection of..

Rs 3,500 Rs 2,200 (37.14% Off)

Dubai abaya- Brown-Blue colored

Dubai abaya online shopping in India- Brown-Blue color Product details Made and designed in Du..

Rs 7,499 Rs 5,250 (29.99% Off)

Dubai abaya- black colored

Dubai abaya online shopping in India- Black color Product details A beautiful Piece in the Aba..

Rs 6,999 Rs 4,900 (29.99% Off)

Flared abaya with side belts

Abaya online shopping- Flared naqqab with side belts Black and Grey color flared abaya with side be..

Rs 3,000 Rs 2,250 (25% Off)

Turkish Design Umbrella Abaya

Turkish Design Umbrella Abaya in Black color online in India Product details This Turkish ..

Rs 2,750 Rs 1,925 (30% Off)

Turkish Abaya- Black Color printed Border

Abaya with printed border online in India Product details This Black colored Turkish design ab..

Rs 2,300 Rs 1,150 (50% Off)

Fashionable Classic Kaftan-Navy blue

Navy blue colored Fashionable Classic Kaftan Abaya. This stunning Kaftan abaya traditionally worn i..

Rs 2,500 Rs 1,625 (35% Off)

Nida Burqa-Fairy sleeves with multi colour border

Nida abaya online in India with single line diamond dupattaAn elegant and exquisite selection of Nid..

Rs 3,800 Rs 2,460 (35.26% Off)

Dubai abaya with Chain stitch embroidery

Dubai abaya online in India- Navy Blue color | Chain stitch embroidery Product details Stand out f..

Rs 7,999 Rs 5,600 (29.99% Off)

Dubai abaya -Blue- Beige colored

Dubai abaya online shopping in India- Blue- Beige colorProduct detailsThis abaya dress has flower mo..

Rs 5,699 Rs 3,990 (29.99% Off)

Dual colored Abaya with side adjustment belt

Pardha online in India- Black & Silver colored Abaya with side belt This new designer Pardha is..

Rs 3,200 Rs 2,350 (26.56% Off)

Double layered flared Abaya

Abaya online shopping- Double layered flared Abaya Black color double layered flared abaya is ava..

Rs 4,300 Rs 2,150 (50% Off)

Simple Denim Abaya - Blue Colored

Elegant Blue Denim Coat Style Abaya online This front open denim abaya have stylist buttons alo..

Rs 3,000 Rs 1,830 (39% Off)

Side open abaya maroon colored, satin fabric

This is maroon colored half front side open abaya with tiger print on front and sleeves. It has beau..

Rs 2,000 Rs 1,200 (40% Off)

Nida Burqa- Hand embroidery work on Umbrella sleeves

Online abayas- Hand embroidery Umbrella sleeve and dupatta An elegant designer black colored Nida b..

Rs 4,900 Rs 3,100 (36.73% Off)

Dress Abaya- Blue Print

Dress abaya online - Blue printed abaya  Beautifully Designed Navy Blue Colored Abaya Dress Wi..

Rs 2,999 Rs 2,100 (29.98% Off)

Designer abaya- Premium Nida along with lace overlay- Blue

Designer abaya online in India- Double layered | Blue Beautifully designer blue colored abaya from ..

Rs 4,999 Rs 3,750 (24.98% Off)

Double layered cape  style burqa

Burqa online in India- Double layered cape style Frock like cap style double layered modern designe..

Rs 2,500 Rs 2,000 (20% Off)

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The combo of ethnicity, modernism and modesty

Shiddat.com is a clothing and accessories brand which aims at designing classy and refined looks for all the women out there who are conservative yet like to be fashion forward. But who says in order to portray your inner fashionista, you have to compromise with your modesty? Here at Shiddat.com, the perfect blend of modernity and modesty is offered in the form of fashionable party wear abayas/burqas/jilbabs/niqabs perfect for women who wants to keep pace with the world and at the same time “dress to impress” without compromising their personal style.

Redefine style with comfort and elegance

Abayas are one such category of Islamic attire that are most common and easily available and preferred for their universal appeal among the Muslims all over India and the world. At Shiddat, we offer you a wide range of Islamic apparels designed by famous brands for all sizes, dozens of choices in fabric for every occasion and season at great affordable prices that suits to all incomes.

We have an exceptional catalog of elegant and stylish Islamic ethnic attires that help you look modest as well as sophisticated. Designer abayas from bridal to classic casual day to day wear ones with innumerable patterns like A-line, dori style, flared, pearl beaded and embroidered abayas in various colours are just a click away from you at India’s most beloved online shopping store- Shiddat.com with shipping all over India.

Shop Abya Online in India with Shiddat.com